A modern take on bridal party gifts

Three bridesmaids

It takes a village to pull off the perfect wedding day and some of those doing the most pulling are your bridal party. These girls have been there with you, and for you, through it all. They’ve laughed and cried with you. They’ve talked you into that one last shot and off the ledge when required. These are the people who make it possible for you to go the bathroom in that beautiful, enormous dress!

We know you love your squad and your thank-you gift should reflect that. Monogrammed robes might be the traditional gift but we think it’s time to start some new traditions so here are our top 5 tips for choosing wedding party thank-you gifts.

Bride and her maids in matching robes

Damsel in dis dress

You want your girls to look great on the big day but those bridesmaids’ dresses don’t grow on trees. Consider contributing to the cost of the dress if it’s not possible to buy it for them outright.

The wedding party
Bridesmaids helping bride get dressed

To each their own

Consider each ‘maid. Is this really a one gift fits all occasion? Think about doing something unique and in-line with everyone’s different personalities.  It’s also a good idea to make sure the gift is reusable and timeless. It’s ok if it’s something for the wedding day but make sure it’s something the girls would want to wear or use again sometime.

Small gift box
Blue gift boxes

Initial thoughts

If you do want to go the monogrammed route we think PJs, beach towels or jewellery are a nice modern take on the theme. Personalized stationary is also something nice to have that people don’t often buy for themselves.

Personalised hangers
Three bridesmaids

After party

After so many festivities how many times have you heard someone say they need a cleanse? Well, why not get it for them? A three day juice cleanse delivered to each bridesmaid’s front door will get everyone back on track.

Moet Champagne toast

Feet on fleek

After all that running around getting everything ready and then the dancing all night – I bet those tootsies could use some love. I don’t know any girl who doesn’t like a pedicure or some sort of spa treatment. Get each girl a gift certificate for a spa near to them.

Bridesmaids getting ready

It’s important to not only be the most beautiful bride, but also the coolest! You’ve planned everything down to the smallest detail. Let your bridesmaids know that they’re an important detail too.

Let us know what you got your girls. We’d love to hear from you!

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