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What to wear to your engagement shoot

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couple in the surf

Engagement shoots are a great opportunity to get comfortable in front of the camera and to get to know your photographer.  It’s also a great opportunity for your photographer to get to know you, your style and what you want from your pictures.

We think the best pictures are ones where you look happy, comfortable and most like yourselves. We know there’s a lot riding on these pics so here are our top tips to looking your best in your engagement photos.

Do the ‘do

If you are planning on getting your hair and make-up done for your wedding this can be a great chance to coordinate a trial with those people. Even if you aren’t getting your make up done and don’t usually wear make-up a little light foundation and mascara go a long way in ensuring you look great on camera.

engagement shoot picture of a couple in front of cherry blossoms
Engagement shoot photo of a couple in a field

The adage is true – just be yourself!

Formal pictures can be beautiful, if that’s your style.  Just be yourself – together. Agree with your partner before the shoot what kind of style and look you are going for and then pick outfits that are on that same page.

Black and white photo of a couple

Pop of colour

Black may be slimming but it’s not that forgiving on film. Every speck of dust will show up. And white should be saved for the big day. Bold, complimentary colours really show up well. If you prefer neutrals, think about a pop of colour using an accessory or shoes. Play off your setting – in a green field an orange or red dress or shirt will really pop.

Keep it simple

Solid colours and simple jewellery let you and your honey shine brightest in the pictures. Avoid busy patterns and big logos – unless they’re sponsoring your wedding!

Comfort is king

The better you feel in your clothes the more comfortable you will be in front of the camera and that shines through in pictures. Again, consider the setting of your shoot. On the beach? Sandals instead of stilettos. Do you want action shots? No miniskirts. You get the drift!

A change is as good as a rest

Bring a few choices. If you’re undecided between casual and formal or bright and neutral – bring both. We can shoot you in both choices or give our advice on the outfits and what might look best in pictures.

couple in front of the Toronto skyline

We know weddings and the lead up can be stressful. Use your engagement shoot as time to pamper yourself and spend some fun time with your BAE. And we’ll be there to capture it all on film.

Let us know what you like to see in engagement shots. Tag @5ive15ifteen  in anything that inspires you.

A day on the slopes

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It doesn’t happen often, but every once in a while, a couple is brave enough to spend a few hours in the snow and brave below zero temperatures for a winter engagement session! Shawna and Dave are avid skiers so last weekend we packed up our gear and hit the slopes. Their families have been members at Alpine Ski Club in Collingwood for over 30 years so the location has a lot of significance and special memories for the two of them. The conditions were perfect (except for the wind on the chairlift) and we had some wonderful fluffy snow for their session; couldn’t have asked for anything prettier!

A Blossoming Engagement

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If you’ve been to High Park when the cherry blossoms are in season, you know what a beautiful sight it is to behold! Although it may be crowded during peak season (for a reason) … we had to get out there for a shoot! We shot this beautiful couple’s engagement photos in the spring, and everything worked out really well! We had great weather, light, and even a break in the crowds to shoot privately for a few minutes!

Have a look and let us know what you think in the comments below.