For over fifteen years 5ive15ifteen Photo Company has been documenting couples in love. What’s our secret? Our fully integrated studio is dedicated to capturing your story, in an organic way, using our signature photojournalistic style. We have everything you need for the process; photographers, editors, print technicians and graphic designers – all ready to work together to tell your story as truthfully, and as detailed as possible!

We have one simple goal: to provide you with imagery from your special occasion that you will cherish for many years to come. Thanks to instagram, filters are a hot trend these days. When in doubt, add a filter! They make everything (and everyone) look better. Different filters have gone in and out of style in the past few years. While filtered images look great now (and they certainly bring your iPhone pictures to the next level), we don’t want to date your images; we’d rather you cherish them forever!

So how do we make that happen?

We focus on True Colour Correction – colour tones that are true to the human eye. A few years after your wedding, you may find yourself forgetting small details – we want you to remember your day like it was yesterday! That means keeping the colours as true to real life as possible. We want you to remember your special day the way it happened, which is why we don’t add any colour casts. We don’t cut corners. Every photo gets the same, detailed treatment to keep it looking as timeless and beautiful as possible. And as a result, you will look timeless and beautiful!

Our professional editors individually correct each photograph, and give them a natural, clean aesthetic. We apply that philosophy to all our photographs, whether they’re weddings, engagements, or anything else we capture. Our editors make sure that each photo keeps the crisp and vibrant aesthetic that we are known for. Ultimately, we want you to remember your day just as it happened, and a big step to that is our colour correction process.